Foundation’s Mission

Masovian Voivodeship Miniature Park Foundation has been established in 2014 by the group of people who were passionate about the history and architecture of Warsaw. The idea of bringing back the legacy of pre- Second World War capital of Poland and popularization knowledge about Warsaw were linking all engaged persons.

In other words, the organization’s main goal is, to extend and promote the knowledge concerning the history and culture of Warsaw and the Mazovian Region.

In the course of the Foundation activity a Masovian Voivodeship Miniature Park project has been created. In consequences, the main aim of this project activity is following the above mentioned ideas.

In the exhibition unique representations of the urban architectural remains models can be found. Buildings were selected due to their importance for the Polish and Warsaw’s history. Additionally, what needs to be underlined, all of the architectural buildings vanished from the city landscape.

The main aim of the project is not only showing almost entire Warsaw city destruction during the II World War, but first of all, the beauty of the architecture of pre-war capital of Poland.

Another main target is recording and protecting the testimony about the people and events that were connected with non-existing anymore unique pieces of Warsaw architecture.

The Masovian Voivodeship Miniature Park Project

Presently in the exhibition “The Lost Pearls of Warsaw Architecture” visitors can find ten miniature models of buildings from 18th and 19th century. All of them were fragments of historical, monumental architectonical complex – the Saxon Axis.

All of the models were made in scale 1:25 (according to the international standard used in miniature parks), finished with carefully attention on architectural decoration and details, and on additional elements characteristic for each period. For every single building model, numerous of the human figurines representing the Warsaw citizens were added with other elements as vehicles – from carriages and horse-drawn trams to cars.

The project is still not closed didactic program and in a short future up 50 miniatures is going to be a part of the exhibition showing not only Warsaw’s historical buildings, but also those from the other parts of Masovia Region.